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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

UnFucking Believable!! Darwin and Dawkins VS Idiots

Though the scientific community (evolution) is winning the battle against the Christian community (creationism/intelligent design) on what should be taught in schools, I am still astounded by the amount of people who promote religious views as science. These mentally challenged individuals seem to think that a concept that rises from literally interpreting a non-scientific text (the bible) is as valid as a theory backed by geology, genetics, anthropology, and several other real scientific fields.

As illogical as religion is, I still believe it should be tolerated and respected, but attempting to mask their ideas a science is simply going too far. Take a stand, challenge anyone who endorses supernatural theistic concepts as scientific.


  1. You know what are great facts?
    - Evolution is a phenomenon that can be observed in laboratory conditions. [1][2][3][4][5]
    - There are seven different theories to explain gravity, and none of them actually does. OTOH, there is only one theory to explain evolution, and it does so. [6][7]
    - Evolution, just as gravity, is a fact, the Theory of Evolution only explains that fact. [8]


  2. Dismiss religion, it's holding us back.

  3. Religion vs science debate is retarded neither side is ever going to give in mainly because we have people that only want to believe in things that make them comfortable if everything is explained through science they have no where to go when they're gone from this world so maybe they do understand or are completely for science but that would mean when they die there is no safe haven to go to once you exit the world

  4. Is not that comfortable to have no place to go when you die, no place to find your loved ones again in some sort of afterlife.

    It's difficult when no one will ever forgive you for those awful things you did in the past, when there's not someone to ask for strength or luck.

    But, that is the truth. In real life you have no heaven, no afterlife and no sky daddy to solve your problems.

    Obviously, if you prefer to live in deception, it's your choice.