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Monday, April 4, 2011


A necessary evil? or NOT evil at all?


  1. You better not mess with my porn!

    Recently I was reading this article about female porn directors, I'm going to try and get some of the films they made.

    And this other article about the film industry in Quebec:

    Porn has come so mainstream that it's not interesting any more... No way, kidding.

  2. Traditionally, our culture has always been centered around the male gaze. We see this in all areas of our societies: art, advertisement, and mainly pornography. It is unsurprising that our tendencies are constantly evolving to accommodate the necessities of women. It's the natural evolution of our culture, but not the final stage. I found it very interesting that the article implied these were feminist movies. Feminism, as we know, is defined as a movement seeking equality between sexes. This movies seem only to be concerned with what women want. And though for this particular example one could argue that men's need have already been fulfilled and women are simply leveling the playing field, I think it is still worth consideration in order to avoid confusing feminism with solely favoring women. The final step of our cultural evolution will be marked by an immediate intuitive consideration of both male and female needs simultaneously.

  3. Actually, feminism seeks equality by leveling women's rights, participation and opportunities with those of men. That's why masculinism exists.

    However, and to be fair, third wave feminism pursues to acknowledge gender roles merely as social constructions that need to be overcomed. Thus, recognizing masculinism concerns.

    This means third wave feminists could also be considered masculinists. And, in my opinion, any other kind of feminist is sexist(more likely machist).

    As a side note, the doctrine that advocates female superiority and favoritism is called "hembrismo/hembrism" (which is a very recent term) or female chauvinism.